Who are we?

This is where you get to know who we all are and our backgrounds.

Brian Bowker
I am the owner and founder of BnC Baggers along with my wife Caitlin. Previously I was both the lead installer and General Manager of 77 Customs before buying out the company and making it our own. I am the one who is usually on the phone and also do all of the tuning in the shop, including all DSP work.
I've been working on Harleys since 2016 when I bought mine and transformed it from a stock Street Glide to the one you see on our page now. Before that I built and raced both cars and bikes since I was 18.
For schooling I have degrees in Business, High Performance and Custom Auto, as well as a welding and fabrication degree.

Brett Simpson
Brett is now our lead installer and the main man in the shop. He was with us at 77 Customs for the last 3 years and then made the switch over to BnC Baggers with me when we decided to take over the company.
Brett has been working on cars and bikes for over 20 years and also brings along ASE certifications. He is a master of making a wiring job look extremely clean as well as packing a lot into a fairing.

Caitlin Bowker and Nik Johal
Caitlin is my wife and also the financial management of the shop. You'll see her at all the shows and at the shop later in the day. She's the small one you'll see running around at shows, helping sell jobs, apparel, and making sure we are all doing what we should be doing.
Nik is my step-son (11 years old) and hopefully one day will take my spot here at the shop when Caitlin and I are ready to call it quits. I'm sure many of you have seen him here during the summer sweeping floors, wiping down bikes or just helping Brett get small materials ready to go.

What does BnC Baggers stand for?
Brett was actually the one to come up with the name. It stands for Brian, Nik & Caitlin Baggers. Nik's name is lowercase so that if at some point he decides he doesn't want to work on bikes, then he doesn't have to and it just becomes Brian n Caitlin Baggers.