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13 and down Harley Bag Seals

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Bag seals for Harley Davison, these are 13 and down. These are made from a CNC mold and CAD from a Stock Harley saddle bag, These are fiber glass Bag seals to seal in the top of your Harley bags for your mid bass or subwoofers and are designed using the Nagy Ring and notched for the Nagy ring. Using a stock or quality aftermarket saddle bag will achieve the best results but may require some minor modifications depending on the sweep at the rear of the bag, it may require to fill in a small gap. Depending on the size of the magnet on the subwoofer it may require some modifications at the top. while we strive to keep it as user friendly as possible there have been a very few circumstances where those modifications were needed. These can either be fiberglassed or bonded in using a 2 part epoxy. It is important to make sure the surfaces being bonded together are prepped before bonding or fiberglassing them. All of our toppers come with 2 pieces of self adhesive carpet to finish off the tops of the inside of the bags for a Nice clean look.