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BnC Baggers

6x9 to 6.5" adapters (pair)

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These are designed for the Rockford/boss/702 etc lid kits to convert them to a 6.5 and tweeter.
Made for speaker lids that don’t want to be sealed off and you can use a sealed basket 6.5 and tweeter to get more output over a traditional 6x9 and the use of a baffle or just have a better selection of speakers for the cut in lid kits.
The have a tweeter option that is marked for easy location to drill out for a tweeter. They are made from high quality polyurethane, water proof 3/8" thick, CNC molded for an exact fit every time! You can run them with or without the tweeter. 
The hardware that comes with the cut in lid kits will work with these, also included are 8 #6x3/4 for mounting the speakers. 
Sold in pairs