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Insane Asylum 6X9 Adapters (pair)

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Now you can easily add those 6x9 inside your bags for a little different sound.  Insane Asylum Dual 6x9 quad kit or a single front or single rear is a simple way to add 6x9's inside all Harley Davidson Saddlebags 98-current.  Bond them in and add your sound! 

Comes with mounting hardware to mount to your harley saddle bag. 

**due to many variations of saddle bags these were CNC using stock bags. Depending on the bag slight modifications may have to be done to the adapter. I.E sanding to the mounting face of the adapter or use of silicon caulk to fill in small gaps. Using a quality aftermarket or stock bag will achieve the easiest and best results.

Custom Made Parts, all sales are Final

Sold in pairs