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Nano -HD XL Motorcycle With 3.5A Battery Maintainer

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 Limitless Lithium Powersports

Nano-HD XL 


Limitless Lithium is proud to introduce another great addition to the “Nano” powersports and motorcycle series lineup! The new “Nano-HD XL” is one of the first ever waterproof IP marine certified powersports battery that has a full battery management system (BMS) built into the battery. A BMS monitors all the important aspects of the battery like high/low voltage limits, high temperature and direct short issues. If at any time the battery is subjected to a condition that is unsafe it simply turns itself off. See the full specification sheet for more details.


The Nano-HD XL is a standard BCI case size 86 

This battery is also a great option to be used alongside our Nano HD in a secondary location on a motorcycle. Since this battery is IP66 certified water resistant it’s also a great option to mount under the rear fairing of a motorcycle. Adding this battery along with a Nano HD will more than double your reserve capacity giving you some of the longest playing time possible.


Each battery comes with a 3-year manufacture defect full replacement warranty, so you have peace of mind knowing you’re covered. The expected life span of our Nano HD-XL battery is 10+ years with proper care and maintenance.



The Nano-HD XL has a capacity of 40AH (not AH Pd Eq). This is an actual true 40AH. This is equivalent to roughly 160AH of a standard lead acid UTV battery since a lead acid battery is only able to utilize 30-40% of its capacity above 12.5v. The Nano HD XL will support around 5000 watts for amplifiers on your large audio systems and will support your LED lighting as well 




Nano-UTV test results in Green:

Description: 40AH LiFePO4 Lithium @ 5.00A

Started At: 4/12/2022 8:51AM

Discharge Rate: 5.00A

Starting Voltage: 14.42V

Ending Voltage: 10.50V

Total Time: 7:47:58

Tested Capacity: 39.995 AH


Factory Polaris Battery test results in Red:

Description: 575 CCA Lead Acid battery @ 5.00A

Started At: 4/14/2022 10:10AM

Discharge Rate: 5.00A

Starting Voltage: 14.15V

Ending Voltage: 10.50V

Total Time: 5:02:16

Tested Capacity: 25.187 AH


Results Summary:

You will see the results of this test shows the discharge of the Nano UTV is almost a flat discharge from a full charge down to about the last 10% state of charge. That gives you a much larger useable portion of the battery and helps maintain better performance for a longer period. This is another huge advantage when using lithium over AGM or Lead Acid.

Results Summary:

You will see the results of this test shows the discharge rate of the factory battery falls very quickly. You only use about 30% of the batteries capacity before you drop below 12V. That means that the remaining 70% of the battery’s capacity is only usable below 12V. No one wants to operate any stereo, wench or lighting accessories below 12V.



Questions and Answers:

Q: why should I buy lithium batteries instead of other types of batteries.

A: lithium is 4x more powerful, 10x lighter, safer and will last 10x longer than any other battery type available for your Bike. Lead acid and AGM batteries can’t compare in any way to lithium batteries performance. When you break down the cost over the full lifespan of each battery you will see that the Limitless Lithium battery ends up being the lower cost option over the life of the battery.

Q what’s the difference in lithium, Lead Acid & AGM Batteries?

A. AGM is an Absorbent Glass Mat battery. A Lead Acid battery is what comes standard in most Motorcycles. Both Lead Acid and AGM are normally heavier and will go die must faster than a lithium. The discharge curve is drastically less than a lithium battery. See our discharge graphs on our website for more information about comparing lithium to traditional batteries.


Dollar for dollar the Limitless Lithium is by far the best option available on the market today! 

apart from the competition. Save space, weight and aggravation. Get the Limitless power you deserve today!