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Wash N Wax Package

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This is our wash and wax detailing packages.  In this package your bike gets the following treatment:


-Wash (Hand washed with a bucket to ensure a clean finish, not pressure washed in order to preserve even stereo systems on bikes).  Don't trust your high end system to a detailer who has no clue about audio systems.

-Decontaminate: Remove iron, bugs, road grime and any other contaminates that like to embed themselves into your paint that standard washing won't remove.

-Remove Brake Dust: Removes brake dust and coats your wheels so that they stay looking cleaner for longer.

-Condition Leather: Clean and condition your seats so that they stay nice and shiny as well as keep them from drying out and cracking from the sun.

-Wax Paint (3-6 Months Protection): Hand wax body parts to help the bike stay looking great all summer long!